Thursday, May 26, 2011

Catch up

Hello and good day!

My blogging issues are all cleared up and Im back in business, I was down one very frustrating day but it gave me time to catch up on my graduation cards and get them all mailed out.
I also started a set of cards for my aunties a while back with the Florals embellished cartridge and I have four Aunties so I needed to cath up on those as well and get them all finished.
Florals Embellished is my go-to cartridge when I want something girl and pretty.....I LOVE the layers.
I was really proud of myself because I laid out all the paper for two cards on my cutting board at one time and I only had to re-cut one piece...Take a look


Sarah Whitton said...

WOW! Great job! The cards are beautiful and well done on paper placement on the mat =)

Ulysses' mama said...

Very cute cards!! I love those colors! I am in awe of how much you get done! I bet you would be great to scrap with.
BTW, thanks for the comment you made about my card... unfortunately he did not get picked :(