Thursday, May 5, 2011

Best Cricut Cartridge

Hello....I am so excited today...2 reasons, First I just saw that my Cricut 2 has finally shipped from HSN so that is on its way.
The other reason Im so excited today is I recived 2 cartridges in the mail today!
Its just like Christmas when I open a new cartridge and go through the images in the booklet.
Now please remeber I am new to scrapbooking and card making so Im sure that everyone has these cartridges but to me they are I got Pagoda and Wall decore and more and as soon as I sart looking at the booklets...all kinds of project ideas start soming to my head I cant wait.
I got to tell you I think Wall decore and more has to be one of the best Cricut cartidges...I love it!
I also think Create a Critter is one of the best so far, I cant put that cartridge away.
Hello Kitty is another one of my favorites....I wish there was a list that I could use to tell me which cartridges to buy first.
Well You know I am still layed off so I made little hello cards to take to all my friends that are still working at my last company....I will post that project was very easy and took me about 30min to make 15 cards....I used the Wild Card cartridge to make them.

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Kim H said...

NEVER apologize for being excited! Listen to tell you the truth, some might have a lot of cartridges but we all seem to forget what is on them! LOL. You actually used my FAVORITE one! I love to hear someone else say it's like Christmas..hehe.. so fun to get goodies!