Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Saturday, March 10, 2012

DIY blinged out hello kitty

Decoden pic


Hello fellow's been a long time for me......I started a new job in November and 8 finally was hinted full time.
I love my new job but like a lot of people....I took a big cut in things are a little tuff right now.
I do get a lot of joy from looking online at everyone's projects also when I get a chance to play in my craft room.
I haven't made any cards lately... I've been obsessed with the japanese craft called Decoden.
Decoden is really cute and fun.... I will post a couple of my first attempts one I figure out how to do this on my IPad.....I got an IPad for Christmas and thought it would be so much easier now just to take the pics with the iPad....then upload......but of course...nothing is ever easy.....
Althought I haven't made any cards recently.....I have a couple new images I can't wait to color.