Thursday, June 2, 2011


Hello and good day!

Lots of exciting things going on....I spent a good part of the day blog hopping for the Peachy Keen sneak peak stamp release.
OH MY many talented head is full of ideas I want to try....I had so much fun hopping around, I didn't do much crafting today.
Something else really exciting....I finally was able to order my Cricut Imagine!!!! whoooo hooo
I have been wanting The CI for a while now....Ive already bought a few Imagine cartridges and I even have my pink end caps for the Imagine...LOL so today I spent a little time making space for my machine that I should get next week.
I ordered some super cute stamps from Tickled Pink and Kenny K and  now I;m looking for a set of Copic markers but the choices were so many....I gave up for today, if anyone knows what set is good for a beginner....please
I went to Lowe's today to pick out new paint color for my bedroom and craft room, so I will be painting this weekend.
I went through a phase where I painted each room with a different paint technique (sponge, color washing,combing and faux bricks) same basic color but different I feel I have to tone down some of the walls...specially my craft room because its a busy room already.
Anyway I did make one card today using my Cricut 2 and the Imagine Yummy Cartridge.
Blessings for all


The Archiving Angel said...

Hello April, this card is just too cute.
I love that large ribbon with the cupcakes on it & the cupcake itself. All those colors look so great together. You did a really nice job. Congrats on your C.I. machine. You are on a roll. You should post pics of your craft room. I love seeing those.
Thanks for stopping by my blog & leaving me such a nice comment.
All the best sweetie.

The Archiving Angel said...

Hi again April, just wanted to come back & say that I browsed your blog & found the pics of your craft room & it is such a pretty room! You did a great job.
It is so organized & spacious. You are one lucky lady. BY the way, I also love the picture of your family...very sweet. Can you tell I have been stalking your blog a little bit? I just wanted to catch up.Thanks for posting those pics of your craft room.

Rene said...

This is super cute! I love pink and green and your cupcake is yummy! ;D