Thursday, August 25, 2011

I miss Everyone

Hello fellow crafter,
Today is one of the first days that I came home from my new job and didn't shower and fall asleep
I hope that I am finally adjusting to working again.
I have also been working alot of over time so I haven't had time to color or even go to the gym but I am working on getting both back in my routine.
Chanel has recovered perfectly from her little grooming accident and she is running and jumping all over the house again.
I really miss following all the blogs and soaking up the fun and inspiration....I really feel like I'm missing out on all the new stamp releases...I am also working on getting a tablet so I can jump online on my lunch
anyway I will figure it out cause I miss my card making:)

bye for now


The Archiving Angel said...

Hello Sweetie!
Hope your new job is going well.
Thanks for stopping by & leaving me a comment on the Epiphany. I actually did a tool time post on that months ago.
It does look like a lot of fun & I do not own that one yet.
You stay well & best wishes on your new job.
Big hugs,

The Archiving Angel said...

Ms. April, I am back...just wanted you to stop by my blog on Wednesday (8-31-11) if you could to grab a little something for you!
Hope everything is fine with you and that you are settling in to your new job.
I can imagine how difficult it must be but we women are strong & can roll with anything.